TS34-1800A Mimaki High Speed Printer

TS34-1800A Mimaki High speed and continuous printing

TS34-1800A Mimaki High Speed Printer

The TS34 Mimaki Printer have a High print speed of 32sqm/h (Effective only at 4-color mode)

  • Two New Piezo staggered heads
  • Assures 18.6 sqm/h print speed in 6-color mode
  • Draft print speed 91.3 sqm/h (360 dpi / 1 pass mode)

Further improvement of productivity by allowing continuous unmanned operation

  • UISS, Uninterrupted Ink Supply System, is a standard feature
  • Two liter aluminum packs and an automatic drying fan are equipped (Options)

TS34-1800A Spec
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