MOT-3200 Thermal Transfer Machine

MOT-3200 series multi-functional oil thermal transfer machine is suitable for both thermal transferring on fabrics and low temperature transferring on cotton materials.
With high quality oil heating system, MOT machine is a perfect choice for fabric and clothing printing.

MOT-3200 Heat Press


Polyester fabric rolls
Flags, tent, blanket, curtain etc
Mixed cotton, cotton


* Both thermal transferring and low temperature transferring are available
* Perfect result of transferring
* It uses duplex oil tank to get more even temperature output.
* Precise mechanical structure 
* Adjustable air pressure control system improves transferring results of different kinds of materials
* It feeds and collects rolls and clothing pieces in parallel by roll- to-roll  system without drifting the materials to left or right 
* Blanket can be separated from oil tank easily
* Customized machine to work with different power supplies


Power supply                              3 phases, 220v/60hz,3 phases, 380v/50hz or 3 phases, 480v/60hz
Power                                         36kw
Quantity of electric element       12pcs (3kw)
Transfer media                           Oil heating
Diameter of heating roller           420mm(16.5")
Width of blanket                         3300mm(130")
Machine size                               4010mm x 980mm x 1320mm
Work table size                           3360mm x1920mm x1000mm
Packing size                                4250mm x 1300mm x1650mm
Net weight                                  1880kgs
Air pump                                     Optional